Become part of a vital, global community dedicated to improving nutrition implementation worldwide

As a member of the Society you are becoming part of a vital, global community dedicated to improving nutrition implementation worldwide. You will also gain access to a range of benefits that will keep you at the cutting-edge of developments in the sector and enhance your professional profile and networks.


Be affiliated to a global society mobilizing change

Shape the future of implementation

Stay up-to-date with our quarterly newsletter

Potential opportunities for publication

Enhance your professional profile

Expand your networks via our LinkedIn page

Gain leadership experience and enhance your technical skills

Have your say!

SISN is a participatory society and the achievement of our goals relies on the involvement of our members. As such members are offered opportunities to help develop, advocate for and deploy research and capacity-building initiatives to address critical implementation challenges, whether this is as ambassadors, via global or national working groups or as communities of practice. 

The Board is committed to ensure value for its members and the benefits detailed above will be continually reviewed and expanded as the Society grows.

SISN openly invites membership from all implementation related disciplines including academia and research, government, implementers, donors, foundations and members of civil society and the private sector.


SISN uses the World Bank definition of country economies to determine membership rates. Please use the dropdown below to select your country of residence to find out your economic bracket.

Your economic bracket is:
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Investigators with a doctoral degree or equivalent experience with proven track record in IR. Or, professionals with experience in implementation of nutrition programs and interventions and professionals with experience in operationalization of nutrition policy.

$90 (international*)
$90 (national**)

$90 (international)
$40 (national)

$90 (international)
$35 (national)


Individuals enrolled in a graduate program of study (master or doctorate degree), whose research topic or practical experience focuses on IR, nutrition programmes, or policy and program planning and/or operations can apply for student membership.

HIC: $35

UMIC: $15

LMIC & LIC: $10


Affiliate members are organisations and individuals who share the Society’s vision and mission but do not meet the criteria for full or student membership. Those seeking affiliate membership should do so because they wish to partner with the Society over the medium- or long-term to assist the Society to achieve its strategic goals. Organisations or individuals wishing to be made affiliates will need to complete a declaration of interest form. Due diligence requires that the Board complete an analysis of conflicts of interest. A memorandum of understanding will be determined between the Society and the affiliate member, which will outline the contributions to be made by the member and how the Society will administer these contributions. 

Annual Dues TBC

Key: High income (HIC); Upper middle income (UMIC); Lower middle income (LMIC); Low income (LIC).

*international staff: internationally recruited staff, meaning that you are hired to work at an office (duty station) outside of your home country
**national staff: locally recruited staff, meaning that you are recruited to work at a duty station in your home country.

Be affiliated to a global society advancing change in nutrition implementation.
Shape the future - by engaging with the Society and its members to exchange ideas, information and experiences to influence better implementation practices.
Stay up-to-date with our quarterly newsletter – with Society news, updates on member activities and a round-up of what’s happening in IS/IR globally.
Have the possibility of your article/research/case study being published via one of the Society’s communications channels.
Enhance your professional profile and keep your technical knowledge at the cutting-edge with regular articles, comments and updates on activities in IS/IR.
Expand your networks via our LinkedIn page and via alumni meetings at major conferences.
Gain leadership experience and enhance your technical skills by becoming directly involved in one of our Working Groups (or Advisory Boards) as a volunteer (Working Groups, Advisory Boards).
Have your say - use your member vote to shape the future of the Society and the Board.