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The significant contribution of under-nutrition to the burden of mortality and morbidity in developing countries has created substantial global momentum for implementing evidence-based solutions. However, the impact of these interventions is limited by lack of evidence on the best operational strategies for high-quality implementation at-scale. While decades of experience in implementing public health nutrition programs have yielded a wealth of implementation-relevant knowledge, the evidence is still largely inaccessible or under-utilized. As such, there is a need for strategies to foster and facilitate effective framing, systematization and utilization of existing knowledge and experience, as well as a concerted global effort to develop and disseminate new empirical knowledge.

The goal of this webcast is to promote a common understanding of some core concepts in implementation science (IS) and to introduce an integrative framework for IS.

During this 30-minute recorded presentation, SISN’s President, David Pelletier explains why we need this framework and demonstrates how this framework can be applied to improve the quality of implementation in a practical and timely fashion, by systematizing, integrating and utilizing diverse forms of knowledge at all stages of the implementation process.

SISN was founded to provide a mechanism for implementers, researchers and other parties to collaborate in this effort to achieve impact at scale.  To this end, we strongly encourage you to share this webcast with your colleagues, and to apply the framework and implementation research (IR) classification scheme in your own practice. We also welcome your comments and feedback on the conceptual thinking outlined in this webcast by sending an e-mail to Your insights can help us continually improve and refine our integrative framework and classification scheme.  In fact, we have already made some changes based on discussions following its presentation at our recent Symposium at Experimental Biology. These revisions are reflected in the pdf version of the webcast slide deck.

We are excited to share this, our first webcast, with you and hope you find it informative. Over the coming months, we will be ‘unpacking’ this topic further through a series of webcasts, webinars and blogs describing specific real-world case studies as a set of examples that illustrate this conceptual thinking. Finally, if you know of additional examples that can be added to various cells in the IR classification scheme (see slide 24 in the pdf) please email the citations and/or articles to us at  We hope to create a repository of such examples.


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