Next webinar

Building Cross-sector Collaboration

19 September 2018

11am – 12pm EST


For our next webinar we are delighted that Ms Ros Tennyson and Ms Helga van Kampen from the Partnership Brokers Association will be speaking on the topic of partnering and principles and how these are applied to implementation research.

More details and information on how to register coming soon.

Past webinars

10 May 2018



Understanding Program Adaptation: A Scoping Study of Frameworks and Systematic Review of Adapted Evidence-based Interventions


Our guest speaker, Dr Cam Escoffery from Emory University presented definitions of program adaptation, frameworks guiding it and shared her own research in this area. During the Q&A, moderated by Dr Wendy Gonzalez from GAIN, participants explored the relevance of this work to implementation in nutrition .

 Nov 28 2017 

Why Invest in IR?


Chaired by Dr Gretel Pelto, the webinar consisted of three short presentations illustrating how IR has been used to enhance outcomes in a number of different settings. The presentations illustrated how the initiatives ‘map’ into the SISN Framework and were followed by an audience Q&A.

 June 26 2017

An Integrative Framework for Implementation Science in Nutrition

Our first webinar, delivered by SISN President, Dr David Pelletier, illustrated our concepts for a new framework of IS in nutrition.