USAID’s Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Activity and The Society for Implementation Science in Nutrition

To Whom It May Concern, The Society for Implementation Science in Nutrition (SISN) is a new scientific and professional society whose vision is “A world where actions to improve nutrition [...]

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Interested in Implementation Research Methods? We need your help!

IMPORTANT MESSAGE AND REQUEST FROM GRETEL PELTO. HEAD OF SISN'S METHODS WORKING GROUP: Meeting members’ needs with respect to methods and methods development is an important aspect of the SISN plan.  As [...]

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April 2017 e-newsletter

SISN’s third newsletter is out and can be read here

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The Many Forms and Purposes of Implementation Research in Nutrition: Definitions, Domains and Distinctions for Advancing Research and Practice

Poor nutrition is recognized as the biggest risk factor for morbidity and mortality worldwide. Over the past decade there has been increasing momentum within the global community to commit to [...]

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How can we optimize implementation quality and impact? SISN weighs in at EB!

If you are planning on heading to the Windy City next month for Experimental Biology (EB) 2017, please seek out and introduce yourself to our Board Members who can [...]

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Stakeholder Engagement: An Important Tool to Understanding and Improving Program Decision-Making

In 2012, SUNRAY an initiative to identify nutrition research priorities in sub-Saharan Africa, identified a number of research gaps: donors, rather than policy-makers and implementers drove research activities; research was not adequately [...]

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December 2016 e-newsletter

SISN’s second newsletter is out and can be read here. In this issue, SISN expands on its Strategic plan and its presence at the Micronutrient Forum in Cancun, Mexico.

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Leveraging Change – SISN’s Key Priorities

SISN’s Strategic Plan sets out our conceptual thinking and the steps which we are taking to achieve our vision in support of global and country efforts to scale-up nutrition. Fundamental [...]

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Implementation Science – Unlocking the ‘middle ground’ between nutrition interventions and outcomes

There is a growing interest in implementation science (IS). The scope and complexity of this science means that in order to effectively scale-up nutrition, we need to engage key stakeholders [...]

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Multi-sectoral Consensus at the Micronutrient Forum – It’s time to embrace IR!

Our Symposium on implementation research (IR) at the Micronutrient Forum, co-sponsored with Sight & Life, was a unique opportunity to hear from four highly respected implementation stakeholders (representing government, NGO, [...]

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