In accordance with SISN By-laws, we are delighted to announce that our election cycle for a new board has commenced. Candidate nominations are now closed and voting will open in mid-October. To be eligible to vote you must be a paid member.

Not yet applied? – then do so here.

A member but not yet paid? – then do so here.  Please have your  SISN username and password to hand as you will be asked to login in order to pay.

We welcome your engagement in this process.

What you need to know...

Who is eligible to vote?

All paid members (Full and Student) can vote. If you have not yet paid your membership dues you can do so here (please have your SISN login and password to hand). 

Members have one vote for each open Board position.


If I'm not elected or don't want to stand are there other ways to get involved with SISN?

We have a host of joint-initiatives, working groups and committees all working to advance different activities that deliver on the Society’s goals  (details of which can be found here). Volunteer members are a crucial part of delivering on these activities and bring with them a valuable diversity of experience, knowledge and representation of different stakeholders groups in implementation.

This diversity is central to our ethos and we very much welcome engagement from all members, at all levels, from all sectors in the Society. Click the button on the right for more information on current opportunities.

How is SISN maintaining continuity as it transitions to a new Board?

SISN’s Board comprises of 11 members. In order to maintain institutional memory, four current Board Members have agreed to continue to serve for a second term. These members are:

  • Dr David Pelletier, as Past President
  • Dr Gretel Pelto, as Methods Councilor
  • Dr Gilles Bergeron, as Continuing Education and Capacity Building Councilor
  • Dr Lynnette Neufeld, as Conferences and Policy Discussion Councilor

The existing SISN Board can be viewed here.

How is SISN achieving its goals?

Our work towards achieving our five key goals involves initiating, running and reporting on a host of projects across the Society via joint initiatives, working groups and committees. Responsibilities to drive these activities are currently allocated to the Secretariat and  SISN’s Board, but ultimately many activities will be designated to an evolving portfolio of experts and ambassadors drawn from the Society’s diverse membership and beyond.

The SISN activities page can be viewed here.

What experience is needed to be a SISN Board Member?

Candidates must be Full Members who can demonstrate leadership skills and commitment to implementation research for nutrition, and/or strong training and/or experience in implementation science and research.

The Councilor-at-Large seat is reserved for an early career member, defined as a Full Member who has finalized graduate studies (masters, specialization, or doctorate) within the last ten years at the time of appointment, and whose age is 40 years or less.

The qualifications and experience of current Board Members can be reviewed here.

What level of commitment is required to be a SISN Board Member?

All Board Members should be available 2-3 hours per month. Specific responsibilities are outlined in the Standard Operating Procedures associated with each position. These can be viewed by choosing the relevant positions above and clicking the ‘more info’ button.

The Board Terms of References can be viewed here.

What is the selection process?

Applications not meeting the eligibility criteria will be rejected. All eligible applications will be reviewed by the Elections Committee to determine the suitability of the candidacy. A minimum of two candidates and a maximum of four candidates will be slated for each position. If more than four candidates are nominated for any position the Elections Committee will select the four most suitable candidates to be placed in the ballot.

Members must cast their votes electronically via e-ballot, within a timeframe of three weeks.

To win any of the positions, a simple majority (≥50%) vote cast is required. If a simple majority vote is not achieved then the two highest scoring candidates will be submitted for a second round of voting where a simple majority is required. If only two candidates are on the ballot, then the highest scoring candidate will be elected.

How are Board Members supported in their Board work?

An on-boarding package will be made available to new Board Members to orient them to the structures, policies, and procedures of SISN. Board Members may call on the support of the Secretariat in relation to relevant operation, administrative and communications activities. However, the Secretariat consists of a small, part-time team of consultants and third-party service providers and therefore its capacity for Board support is limited.

The Board Terms of References can be viewed here.

Key dates

  • The closing date for nominations: 11.59pm EST on September 20, 2018
  • Cut off date for voter eligibility (SISN paid members only): 2nd October 2018
  • Voting will open to all paid members in mid-October (instructions and deadline for casting votes will be communicated in due course)
  • The results of the election and the new Board will be announced in December.
  • The new Board will take their posts January 2019.

Open Board Positions


The President is responsible for thought leadership and strategic management of the Society, ensuring that the Society is managed according to the Strategic Plan and that the bi-annual Action Plan is executed as appropriate. More info…

The Vice President plays a supportive role in the leadership affairs and strategic management of the Society. The Vice President is also tasked with helping the Past President in any capacity deemed necessary. More info…

The Treasurer manages the budget and bank account of the Society and has signing authority for financial matters and transactions. The Treasurer is financially literate. More info…

The Chief Information Officer is responsible for internal and external communications concerning the Society, providing oversight on the website, newsletters, list- serves, and other relevant social and mass media. More info…


The Councilor ensures that the Society holds value for all its members and drives recruitment, engagement and outreach strategy, as well as Chairs the Membership Working Group. More info…

The Councilor is responsible for managing the solicitation of funds and other resources from funders and partners in line with the Board’s Strategic Plan. The Councilor is responsible for providing leadership, vision and direction for fundraising and relationship management with donors. More info…

The Councilor assists the Board in executing actions related to the Strategic Plan and may lead a working group or committee with prior approval from the President.

The Councilor-at-Large seat is reserved for an early career member, defined as a Full Member who has finalized graduate studies (masters, specialization, or doctorate) within the last ten years at the time of appointment, and whose age is 40 years or less. More info…