Breastfeeding promotion in Thailand.


J Med Assoc Thai. 2006 Oct;89 Suppl 4:S173-7.


Hangchaovanich, Yupayong; Voramongkol, Nipunporn.


Breastfeeding promotion in Thailand.

National Breastfeeding Project in Thailand began in 1989. The main activities were the promotion of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative; legislation on maternity leave; and the Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and related products. The development of Baby – Friendly Hospital Initiative may in part explain the increasing of prevalence rate of breastfeeding. However exclusive breastfeeding has not shown favorable increases. The survey in 2005 found exclusive breastfeeding at 6 months was 14.5% while the national target of the Ninth National Health Development Plan (NHDP) has been set at 30%. There are many factors affecting the success of breastfeeding promotion. The Ministry of Public Health, which is responsible for infant/child health, has to find solutions with the most potential for any problem related to such a matter especially prevention of childhood diseases. Furthermore, it must also create an environment where good health fundamentals for physical and intellectual developments from infancy to childhood and maturity exist.

Authors: Hangchaovanich, Yupayong; Voramongkol, Nipunporn.

Journal: J Med Assoc Thai. 2006 Oct;89 Suppl 4:S173-7.

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