Role of public-private partnership in micronutrient food fortification.


Food Nutr Bull. 2003 Dec;24(4 Suppl):S151-4.


Mannar, M. G. Venkatesh; van Ameringen, Marc.


Role of public-private partnership in micronutrient food fortification.

Iron, iodine, and vitamin A deficiencies prevent 30% of the world’s population from reaching full physical and mental potential. Fortification of commonly eaten foods with micronutrients offers a cost-effective solution that can reach large populations. Effective and sustainable fortification will be possible only if the public sector (which has the mandate and responsibility to improve the health of the population), the private sector (which has experience and expertise in food production and marketing), and the social sector (which has grass-roots contact with the consumer) collaborate to develop, produce, and promote micronutrient-fortified foods. Food fortification efforts must be integrated within the context of a country’s public health and nutrition situation as part of an overall micronutrient strategy that utilizes other interventions as well. Identifying a set of priority actions and initiating a continuous dialogue between the various sectors to catalyze the implementation of schemes that will permanently eliminate micronutrient malnutrition are urgently needed. The partners of such a national alliance must collaborate closely on specific issues relating to the production, promotion, distribution, and consumption of fortified foods. Such collaboration could benefit all sectors: National governments could reap national health, economic, and political benefits; food companies could gain a competitive advantage in an expanding consumer marketplace; the scientific, development, and donor communities could make an impact by achieving global goals for eliminating micronutrient malnutrition; and by demanding fortified foods, consumers empower themselves to achieve their full social and economic potential.

Authors: Mannar, M.  G.  Venkatesh; van Ameringen, Marc.

Journal: Food Nutr Bull. 2003 Dec;24(4 Suppl):S151-4.

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