The Society for Implementation Science in Nutrition


A world where actions to improve nutrition are designed and implemented with the best available scientific knowledge and practical experience.

The Situation

We are in a new era for global nutrition. The evidence is in: good nutrition improves health, saves lives, and builds prosperity. The political will is here: 54 countries have committed to scaling up nutrition through the SUN Movement, and $4.15 billion for nutrition was pledged at the Nutrition for Growth event.

Now it’s time to scale up proven nutrition interventions. We have a great opportunity to deliver on the promise of these solutions.

The Challenge

We know what to do, but we don’t quite have all of the answers for how to do it. Scaling up efficiently and effectively remains a challenge. Program managers and researchers are hungry for guidance on topics ranging from delivery systems to program impact pathways to management to monitoring and evaluation.

We urgently need a scientific society that brings together leaders in implementation science from various institutions, countries, and professional backgrounds.

The Society

The Society for Implementation Science in Nutrition will address this critical need.

The rationale for founding The Society for Implementation Science for Nutrition is our belief that building a strong scientific foundation for implementation research will be more rapidly and effectively realized if the researchers who are engaged in it, and the implementers with whom they work, have venues to report and discuss their work, to engage in the kinds of critical dialogue and exchange that demonstrably supports progress in every field of scientific inquiry, to publish their results, and the opportunity to advocate for essential resources, including training opportunities for young scientists and economic support for pursuing implementation studies.

The Society currently consists of 39 Founding Members and Board. In 2016, the Society will open its membership to scientific and practice communities. If you would like to learn more about how to become a member, please send us an email to » implementnutrition[at]


To learn more about the Society or to become a member, please send your query to » implementnutrition[at] 

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