Welcome to the SISN Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is a search facility designed to help you find key resources on implementation science (IS) in nutrition. This includes a wide range of materials from journal articles, papers, case studies, reports and presentations.

How to search the hub

You can search using any of the boxes above, alone or in any combination. Entering a value in only one box above will give you the widest search e.g. selecting 'Initiation and Scoping' in Category will return all items categorized under this heading. You can further refine any search by adding a keyword search or selecting items in the drop-down menus e.g. adding 'iron' as a keyword to the above search will filter all Initiation and Scoping entries on file that also mention iron.

Be aware that publications listed in the Knowledge Hub can be assigned to multiple categories and tags e.g. if they span two stages of implementation they may be categorized under 'Initiation and Scoping' and 'Scaling-up'. When your search results are returned you'll be able to see their Category and Tag classifications at the top of the listing.

If there are items in the Knowledge Hub that match your search terms they will be shown in a list with a summary of the information. Each item contains an external link to the original document, most of which are open access (some may require you to have your own Institutional or Personal accounts to be able to access them).

If your search criteria are too narrow and no results are returned, you'll be prompted to repeat your search and will need to try different or fewer criteria.

On subsequent pages you'll also see a side-bar where you can click on a category or tag or search on a keyword. 

Please note: The contents of this hub have not been 'curated' and do not constitute SISN's views. This hub currently represents SISN's best efforts to offer a way to access more information on IS in nutrition in one place. This product is also new and dynamic, so it is small (and far from comprehensive), but we are adding materials all the time.

We welcome input from our users on materials that you think your peers would find useful for us to include here. If you are aware of such items please email a short description of how they are of value with a link to the source information to