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Monday, 16th Sept 2019, 9-10am EST

Implementation and Science: a two-way street with lots of turns

Suaahara II is an at-scale, USAID-funded, multi-sectoral program throughout Nepal. Suaahara II has invested in an equally at-scale monitoring, evaluation, and research system. These ongoing implementation science efforts facilitate evidence-based programming including decision-making on activity prioritization, targeting, and resource allocation. You can learn more about this cutting-edge program here.

In this webinar, Pooja Pandey Rana, Deputy Chief of Party for Programs, Suaahara II, and Kenda Cunningham, Senior Technical Advisor for Integrated Nutrition and Monitoring, Evaluation and Research will share their experiences in the design and implementation of these types of systems and their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of embedding complex data systems within complex programs.

Following the 35-minute presentations, participants will have an opportunity to pose their questions in an open 20-minute discussion.

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This webinar is brought to you courtesy of a grant from the Eleanor Crook Foundation.

Past Webinars

19th June 2019

The Consortium of Universities for Global Health Webinar on Implementation Science in Nutrition

This webinar presents the frameworks and principles of implementation science as developed by SISN and illustrates their application by teams of government actors, researchers and implementers in two countries. The case studies focus on efforts to improve the delivery and utilization of iron and folic acid supplementation for pregnant women through working with the government system and USAID-funded programs in Kenya and Uganda, as part of the Implementation Science Initiative led by SISN and the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie), with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

17th April 2019

The Implementation Science Initiative: Identifying and Addressing Bottlenecks within Iron-Folic Acid Supplementation Programs in Kenya and Uganda

This webinar focussed on the important work being completed by the Implementation Science Initiative (ISI) through SISN’s partnership with the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) under a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) grant.

Isabelle Michaud-Letourneau, SISN Consultant and Senior Technical Lead for the ISI, Twaha Rwegyema, Project Coordinator at URC in Uganda and Brian Njoroge, Project Coordinator at FHI 360 in Kenya, presented their experience to date identifying and addressing bottlenecks within iron-folic acid supplementation (IFAS) programs.

This webinar was brought to you courtesy of a grant from the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie).

15th February 2019

How Can Advocacy Enhance Implementation Science in Nutrition?

During this webinar Bill O’Keefe, Vice President for Government Relations and Advocacy at Catholic Relief Services shared his real-world experiences advocating and provided tips and tools on how to become a successful advocate, including:

  • The key elements of effective advocacy
  • Useful strategies for influencing policy and system change
  • How to communicate your message to decision makers so your voice is heard!

Following his presentation, attendees posed their questions in an open 20-minute discussion, moderated by SISN Founding Member, Dr Eva Monterrosa.

This webinar is brought to you courtesy of a grant from the Eleanor Crook Foundation.

6th December 2018

Learning About Needs of and Challenges Faced by Program Workers and Recipients: A Case Study of Observational Implementation Research

Our guest speakers, Dr Andrea Warren and Dr Ed Frongillo from the University of South Carolina presented a case study of observational implementation research (IR) for food-assistance programs in the United States and programs for infants and young child feeding in Kenya and India.

Following the 35-minute presentation attendees engaged in a lively discussion during a 20-minute Q&A session, moderated by Dr Rasmi Avula, Research Fellow in the Poverty, Health, and Nutrition Division at IFPRI.

19 September 2018

How to Build Effective Cross-sector Partnerships

Our guest speaker, Ms Helga van Kampen from the Partnership Brokers Association shared her knowledge and experience through a lively discussion on partnering and principles and how these can be applied to implementation research. Following the 40 minute presentation, participants posed their questions in a lively Q&A moderated by SISN’s Secretary/Treasurer, Dr Eva Monterrosa.

10 May 2018

Understanding Program Adaptation: A Scoping Study of Frameworks and Systematic Review of Adapted Evidence-based Interventions

Our guest speaker, Dr Cam Escoffery from Emory University presented definitions of program adaptation, frameworks guiding it and shared her own research in this area. During the Q&A, moderated by Dr Wendy Gonzalez from GAIN, participants explored the relevance of this work to implementation in nutrition .

Nov 28 2017

Why Invest in IR?

Chaired by Dr Gretel Pelto, the webinar consisted of three short presentations illustrating how IR has been used to enhance outcomes in a number of different settings. The presentations illustrated how the initiatives ‘map’ into the SISN Framework and were followed by an audience Q&A.

June 26 2017

An Integrative Framework for Implementation Science in Nutrition

Our first webinar, delivered by SISN President, Dr David Pelletier, illustrated our concepts for a new framework of IS in nutrition.