Our Strategic Plan


How are we working towards achieving the goals set out in our Strategic Plan? Find out on the SISN activities page.

SISN’s mission is to convene, advocate, disseminate and promote dialogue among scientists, policy leaders, government officials, funders and practitioners to advance the science and practice of nutrition implementation world-wide

The 2016-20 Strategic Plan forms the bedrock of the Society’s operations and outlines the framework and values under which the Society can, and will, deliver against its numerous strategic goals to move the implementation science agenda forward.

The Society’s Key Goals

Advance the theory, methods and conduct of implementation science in nutrition

Strengthen the capacities and support for implementation science

Create and maintain an innovative and effective implementation science knowledge management system

Full details of our prioritized goals and how they will be achieved are outlined in our first bi-annual work plan (2016-17). Responsibilities to drive these activities have been allocated to the Secretariat and Board Members, but ultimately many activities will be designated to an evolving portfolio of committees, working groups and ambassadors drawn from the Society’s diverse membership and beyond.  Progress on goals will be monitored using key indicators and will be reviewed by the Board and/or Advisory Board at specified milestones.

Note: SISN’s Strategic Plan was drafted by a multi-sectoral ad hoc committee and finalized after feedback was solicited from the Board and a diverse range of external stakeholders.

You can access the full Strategic Plan 2016-20 here.