Applying the SISN Framework to Improve Implementation Quality and Impact: An Illustrative Example

The SISN Framework identifies five domains whose characteristics, capacities, dynamics and fit influence the quality of implementation. Researchers and implementers can use the SISN Framework to guide and improve their implementation efforts.

Figure: The Five Domains Whose Characteristics, Capacities, Dynamics and Fit Affect Implementation Quality


In this video Shruthi Cyriac from Emory University and Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) shares an illustrative example which was recently published in Maternal and Child Nutrition. She describes how she and her colleagues adapted the SISN framework to analyse and document the fidelity of implementation (FOI) of a Double fortified salt (DFS) intervention in Uttar Pradesh, India.  Applying the SISN framework helped identify changes that are required to the program in order to improve its implementation and impact.

The full published paper can be read here.

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We thank Shruthi Cyriac for her contribution to this blog