Behind The Scenes at our Symposium at ICN 2017

Following the symposium entitled “Evidence-based integration of nutrition across multiple sector programs: how can this be done?”, co-sponsored by SISN and Nutrition International (NI) at the International Congress of Nutrition (ICN) in October 2017, our Chief Communications Officer, Dr. Luz Maria De-Regil spoke with two of the expert panel members to delve deeper into the topics of their presentations.


In this first interview she speaks with Independent Consultant, James Lee and asks him to share his views on the role of qualitative research in implementation research (IR) and his opinions on the value of the SISN framework in advancing implementation science (IS) in the global nutrition sector.

In this second interview, Heather Grieve, Senior Nutrition Specialist to the Australian Embassy and Nutrition Advisor to the President of Timor-Leste shares her insights on how we might improve multisectoral collaboration and discusses the role of technology in advancing IR.

A FREE recording of this Symposium including the presentations by Stephen Lee and Heather Grieve can be found here.

Thanks to Nutrition International for their support in recording these interviews.

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