WEBINAR: How to Build Effective Cross-sector Partnerships

On September 19th, SISN was delighted to host a live webinar with guest speaker Ms Helga van Kampen from the Partnership Brokers Association (PBA), a non-profit organization dedicated to developing professional competencies for those managing the partnering process. During her presentation entitled “How to Build Effective Cross-sector Partnerships”, Helga shared her knowledge and experience through a engaging discussion on partnering and principles and how these can be applied to implementation research.

At the end of this presentation attendees had:

  • an understanding of some partnering frameworks and the concept of ‘partnership brokering’
  • gained insights from lessons learned by SISN and 3ie’s multi stakeholders Implementation Science Initiative in Uganda and Kenya
  • gained insights on how partnership brokering can strengthen the knowledge brokers role.

Following the 40 minute presentation, attendees posed their questions in a Q&A, moderated by SISN’s Secretary/Treasurer, Dr Eva Monterrosa.

We are pleased to share a FREE recording with you, as well as a pdf copy of the slides.

We hope that you find the webinar informative. PBA runs professional training courses, undertakes action research, operates a formal accreditation program and provides a range of partnership brokering services. More information, including access to learning case studies and Betwixt & Between: The Journal of Partnership Brokering can be found here or by e-mailing info@partnershipbrokers.org.

We welcome your thoughts, comments and questions on the topic or the webinar itself. Please send any feedback to: info@implementnutrition.com. We also encourage you to share this webinar with anyone who may find it of interest and be interested in future SISN events.

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