WEBINAR Addressing real needs: the critical role of implementation research in designing and operationalizing adolescent nutrition programs

Adolescence marks a period of rapid growth with high nutritional needs. Good nutrition can fuel optimal physical and mental growth, giving adolescents the strength and focus to study, work and fully participate in their communities. Iron deficiency anaemia is the number one cause of lost disability-adjusted life years in adolescent girls (10–19 yrs.) and boys (10–14 yrs.) globally, but until recently little attention and limited resources have been directed towards reducing anemia and improving adolescent nutrition among vulnerable populations.

This webinar was broadcast live on 20th May 2021 to an audience of over 225 individuals. The event began with Mandana Arabi, Vice President, Global Technical Services, Nutrition International (NI) welcoming everyone and orientating the audience to NI’s work with global partners to implement innovative ideas to improve adolescent health and nutrition, specifically in Asia and Africa.

Three guest speakers then highlighted the critical role of implementation research in designing adolescent nutrition programs. James Lee, Independent Consultant, shared his experiences applying a focused ethnographic study to inform the integration of adolescent nutrition into multi sector programs in Bangladesh. Ermias Mekuria from NI shared how implementation research was used in Ethiopia to translate global guidance on adolescent nutrition to program actions and policies at the national level. Finally, Jen Hatchard from NI, presented the lessons learned from an adolescent nutrition program co-designed and implemented by girls.

Chowdhury Jalal and Shibani Sharma from NI moderated the 15 minute discussion that followed the presentations and posed attendees questions to the three speakers.

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