WEBINAR: “Implementation and Science: a two-way street with lots of turns”

This webinar took place on Monday, September 16th 2019. During this recording, guest speakers, Kenda Cunningham and Pooja Pandey from Helen Keller International, share their experiences and lessons learned to date from the implementation of Suaahara II, a large-scale multi-sector nutrition program in Nepal.

During a lively Q&A period, SISN’s Chief information Officer, Mdu Mbuya, fielded insightful questions from a very engaged audience. These questions on the ‘how to’ aspects of implementing nutrition programs, together with our speakers’ responses, are outlined in a related article here.

We are pleased to share a FREE recording with you, as well as a PDF version of the slides.

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Look out for details of our next webinar in the 2019 Series coming soon here.

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This webinar was brought to you courtesy of a grant from the Eleanor Crook Foundation